Here is a preview of some of the org charts that address the latest HCM trends using


Org Charts

Each view can be configured to display a variety of information This may include employee data, photos, department summary analytics and contact information. Please select the chart name below to view an example.


org.manager [web] for SF creates custom organizational charts from SAP SuccessFactors™ in real time. The certified extension build on SAP Cloud Platform allows for reorganizations via drag and drop. Create org charts from SAP SuccessFactors™


Take a snapshot of your current organization and create multiple future plan scenarios to rapidly prototype the optimal organization. Measure changes to headcount, span, and financials as you prototype your new organization structure.


Use Indices to measure and set goals for diversity composition of your workforce
by ethnicity, gender, age, persons with disability, and veteran status


The org.simulator allows you to simulate multiple plan versions and scenarios. From restructurings via drag-and-drop to the creation and removal of departments, individual employees or vacancies, to editing more specific information, simulations can be created in a powerful and user-friendly manner. Simulations can be created directly in a browser – independent from platforms and without installation efforts. The data from the core HR system will not be changed at any time.


Display large bulk of data. Big structures at a glance. Various chart types available. Visualization of geographical data. Display of networks. Identify critical areas via custom conditions

Ideal solution for an ESS/MSS scenario


SAP® HCM Integration: Function Module, Live-Access via Webservice, SAP Integration


Ingentis org.manager creates org charts and HR reports based on the information from leading data sources. A powerful and flexible SAP function module connects Ingentis org.manager via plug and- play to SAP Human Capital Management with the option of invoking it directly from the SAP user interface.


Print and export functionalities

Print selected parts or the complete org chart with Ingentis org.manager. In order to do so, you can define headers, footers, the size, format and the layout. org.manager includes the ability to export org charts into PDF, PNG  or download data in an Excel file. PowerPoint export is only possible with the Microsoft Windows based viewing component of org.manager on-premises.


Flexible display options

Org charts on your PC, tablet or smartphone – Ingentis org.manager offers several display options which all enable a smooth visualization of your organizational charts. Thanks to the add-on org.manager [mobile], your org charts are available in responsive design.


Access protection

The access protection add-on allows you to restrict the access to certain areas of your org chart to certain users. For instance, you can deny access to a complete organizational chart or to parts of the structure and lock specific attributes.


Easy implementation and customization of the SAP function module

The implementation of the SAP function module is straightforward without any tedious customizing or extensive programming necessary. Next to a preconfigured data extract, this flexible interface also enables individual info types and arrays to be identified and processed. An implementation guide (IMG) allows for easy modification of the module to suit individual requirements.


Thanks to our org charting software there are no limits to your creativity regarding design, layout, or content when visualizing your workforce. Whether kept simple for HR related tasks or more complex with key performance figures of your company, the Ingentis org.manager solutions make it happen.


Org charting

Automatically create org charts in minutes using live data from your HR system. org.manager makes manual data entry & chart administration obsolete, freeing up your HR team for more important projects!


Matrix Reporting: Integrated matrix reporting functionality visualizes the varied functional and project relationships that exist in an organization.


Employee Profiles: Employee profile information is able to be represented in a configurable pop-up box. This typically includes contact information and a selection of charts to display soft skills, talent metrics and HR data such as absences or leave allowances.


Employee Directory:

The hierarchy tree and navigation arrows allow the user to move through the organization and have the option to switch perspectives, number of levels displayed, structure and layout of each org chart.


Vacant Position: visualization rules

Vacant positions are able to be easily tracked and identified by business unit, location and type. Recruitment metrics are able to be tracked by manager or department such as time to fill, % of open positions, quality of hire (success ratio) and first year attrition.


Visualize key talent data for all employees in the organization, including potential flight risk, position and performance history, and pay range.


Succession Planning: Quickly and easily identify top talent available to appoint as possible successors. This Top Talent 9 Box Grid is just one of the many visualizations available to help drive key business insights about your workforce.


Our sunburst chart and visualization rules help you to scan a large population to find whatever you need, such as vacant Positions open for more than 30 days


Bubble Chart - Bubble organizational chart is a great way to illustrate how departments are structured.


Network organizational structure, with org.manager,  helps visualize both internal and external relationships between managers and top-level management. They are not only less hierarchical but are also more decentralized and more flexible than other structures.


The idea behind the network structure is based on social networks. Its structure relies on open communication and reliable partners; both internal and external. The network structure is viewed as agiler than other structures because it has few tires, more control and bottom flow of decision making.


Unlimited org chart design options- (e.g. in line with corporate design guidelines)


Visualize all open positions (now and in the future) and fully leverage your Successors and External Talent Pipeline (ATS) to help reduce Time to Fill


Our configurable dashboards deliver KPIs across all departments to help drive informed business decisions


org.manager includes a range of inbuilt integrations such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server or IBM DB/2. As well as HRIS integrations, import data from multiple additional sources such as Excel or CSV. This software connects with directory services such as Active Directory.

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