Ingentis org.manager [web] for SF: Visualize any structure out of SAP SuccessFactors

This video shows examples for the visualization of enterprise structures with the solution Ingentis org.manager [web] for SF - available on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

Integrating org.manager [web] for SuccessFactors in your modern intranet

Save time by shortening everyone’s way of information retrieval from employee central by integrating your companys’ organizational chart in the intranet portal. For instance, add your org chart to the SAP Jam Collaboration home page and visualize key information based on real-time data from SuccessFactors. Integrated on any modern intranet, org.manager [web] for SuccessFactors relies on pre-built integration with the SAP Cloud Platform.
Visualize agile project teams in SAP Jam Collaboration

Organizations are changing. The new workplaces are agile and in constant flow. As things move a lot faster, HR departments face overwhelming bureaucracy processes when visualizing up-to-date team structures. Use the flexibility of Ingentis org.manager [web] for SF and SAP Jam Collaboration to connect people with up-to-date information for structured work. As soon as the agile teams are created in SAP Jam Collaboration, they are shown in the real-time org chart, which relies on Employee Central.



Create organizational chart with Ingentis org.manager - the new version (PART 1)

Have a look in the new version of Ingentis org.manager, the software for org charts and visual HR Controlling.

Ingentis org.manager - Creating an organizational chart- Mr Miller part 2 EN

Mr. Miller hammers out new plans about the use of Ingentis org.manager. What is he planning to do? How can HR manager Ann help him?

Reorganizations with Ingentis org.manager

Ingentis has more than twenty years of experience when it comes to org charting software.

What we have encountered is that one of the big challenges many companies face are corporate reorganizations. These are often very time consuming and complex.

Thanks to improvements made by Ingentis, the org.simulator has reached a new level of efficiency.

Ingentis org manager: Managing the aging workforce - Analyzing retirement eligibility

Have a look at this short demo on managing the aging workforce of your organization with Ingentis org.manager.

Our org charting tool's visualization capabilities allow for a quick overview of the workforce's composition

when it comes to retirement eligibility.

Ingentis org manager: Open position management demoed by John Kranz

In this video John Kranz, Ingentis Inc.'s VP Strategic Partnerships and Marketing,

demonstrates how Ingentis org.manager can be used to manage open positions.

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